Hello all – Yes, we are still singing together and are thoroughly enjoying it. We are greatly indebted to Audrey who is our pianist, teacher and all-round super person.
Audrey has been with us for a while now and is such a happy person, an amazing pianist and is leading us in new ways of singing, meaning that we are enjoying our singing more and more. If we have difficulties in singing, such as top notes etc, Audrey will always show us new ways of making our singing easier and better.
We have learned so much already and her lovely smile and laughter helps us to enjoy overcoming our singing hurdles. We sing rounds to improve our listening skills, reach notes we didn’t know we could, and these exercises help us to sing better and improve our breathing as well.
Do come and join us on a Wednesday evening and enjoy making music together. Starting at 7.30pm.
Mary has reflected on when & why she joined the choir. If any other member of the choir would like to share also, please email Marj. Follow this link for Mary’s comment. Mary’s reflection
Our Christmas Concert in 2019 raised £550 for Croydon Churches Floating Shelter. Thanks to all who placed a donation in our retiring collection and/or supported our raffle. This was our last concert. All are hoping we can perform to raise money for charity this coming summer.

The Cantilena Singers ladies choir has existed as an independent choir since 1986. Members perform a varied repertoire at public and private concerts including concerts at Christmas.

New members are always welcome – no audition necessary – just bring your enthusiasm and energy. You may wish to attend a rehearsal or two to see if you feel we are the choir for you.  Please let Jill know in advance so that we can ensure that the music is available for you.

For more detail contact Jill Kilsby 07957 627783